Here at Stitched and Adorned, we love to shop and we love to share! S + A was created to offer style and value. It is all about clothing and accessories for us. We are based in Los Angeles and with access to thousands of independent designers, we are able to hand pick each and every piece of merchandise in our website and nothing in S + A is over $50! Doesn’t it suck when you order a cute dress online but when you get it in person, the material is too sheer to wear by itself? That is why we hand pick all our pieces and make sure it is comfy and easy to wear! We buy in limited quantity in order to keep things fresh! Value is also very important to us, fashion changes so often who can keep up with high end fashion designers? We are very proud that we can offer a selection that’s made with quality at an affordable price. We hope you like what we have found and shared with you on S+A. Happy Shopping!